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foundations for active engagement

Broadscale Collaboration Path

You are ready to meet with others to pray for direction regarding whom to contact and how to initiate policies, and/or programs that will serve orphans and vulnerable children.

Think about other leaders with whom you can meet regularly. Then, together, with your newly formed team, review the resources below and prayerfully design an action plan to further your community culture for caring for vulnerable children forward.

Use the Living Refreshed page resources to support your personal walk with the Lord as you travel this path.


Collaboration, or the process of working together with others, is the foundation of World Without Orphan’s mission. While often it is a single person or group that is called and will serve as a catalyst for change in their own country, WWO’s belief and experience is that God gives a new vision for a broad collaborative approach to addressing...
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Full WWO Roadmap and Roadmap Summary

Multiple languages available
Full WWO Roadmap: English -WWO Full Roadmap Spanish -WWO Hoja de Ruta WWO Roadmap Summary (12pages): English -WWO Roadmap Summary Spanish -WWO Hoja De Ruta Resumen Portuguese -WWO Roadmap sumário French -Introduction à la WWO Feuille de Route Ukrainian -Огляд дорожньої карти «Світ без сиріт» Thai -WWO Roadmap Summary Polish...
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Journeying Together to a World Without Orphans

Hear the voices of national leaders championing 'without orphans' movements in their nations and be inspired!
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How can you produce media with a limited budget?

In this short educational piece, learn how you can take your limited resources and create media that will move the multitudes for a World Without Orphans!
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Parenting Support: Online Document

From Adoptive Parents - For Adoptive Parents

Encouragement and Wisdom for the Adopting Parent
This resource is a set of readings by parents of adopted children. It guides and encourages other adopting parents through the journey of parenting from the perspective of being God's own adopted sons and daughters. Based on experience, the readings offer practical, spiritual guidance. Download the From Adoptive Parents - For Adoptive Parents - pdf
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Structure and Movements

There are many types of support structures and you will know best which traditional or non-traditional structure may fit your local or national "without orphans" team and cultural context. WWO has learned from many other networks, organizations and movements and has worked to facilitate movement, without trying to control the movement. Transform...
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Church Awareness: Online Resources

Orphan Sunday

Resources to Organize a Congregational Event
The Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO) identifies one Sunday in November as Orphan Sunday and provides this library of resources to support the organization and implementation of an awareness-building event for churches and local Christian non-profits. Find great resources on the Orphan Sunday site!
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Team Building: Powerpoint Presentation

Capacity Building!

Change and Collaboration in Action by Ruby M Johnston for World Without Orphans
To effect change in a community, community stakeholders need to work together. They need to collaborate. This is a presentation designed to be used in a group setting to build community capacity for change via intentional collaboration. Download the Capacity Building Powerpoint
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Capacity Building: Congregational Training

Opportunities for Service for the Local Church

Mobilizing the Church for Action
Developed by Home for Good, this is a group discussion guide that challenges congregations to prayerfully respond to the needs of vulnerable children in their community. It also provides practical action steps to take. Download Opportunities for Service for the Local Church Document
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WWO Results Measures

The WWO Key Results measures align with WWO Objectives. These Key Results are based on the WWO Global Strategy: 2020-2023, which emphasizes a combination of an organization and a network that links the stability of organization structure with the nimbleness and access of networks. Download WWO Results Measures WWO Monitoring and Evaluation...
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