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Parenting Tips

In all crisis settings – the pandemic, war, or climate change, communities of faith are often the first responders, providing psychosocial first aid and support to families and children. In response to these crises, Oxford University and many other partners developed evidence-based parenting tips that key off the evidence used for the ‘Parenting for Lifelong Health’ programs above.
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Violence Against Children: Strategy Handbook

Response and Support Framework

Action for Implementing the Seven Strategies for Ending Violence Against Children, published by the World Health Organization
The World Health Organization (WHO), in partnership with other agencies, identified the seven most effective evidence-based strategies to reduce violence against children in a technical package called INSPIRE. This handbook is designed to help leaders select and implement effective INSPIRE strategies within their own communities/nations.
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Spiritual Foundations: Program Materials

Understanding God’s Heart for Children

Facilitator’s Guide for Group Study, published by Viva
Understanding God’s Heart for Children offers the opportunity for learning through reflection on experience and exploration of scripture, enabling Christians to hear and understand God’s desire and purpose for children. This resource is a facilitator’s guide for implementing a 7-week group study.
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Spiritual Training: Group Study Guide

Why Families Matter

A Study Guide For Churches, produced by Viva
This Toolkit describes from the Bible why children matter and how God created families to nurture and care for children. Christian leaders need to help build strong families where children are loved and cared for, and where children without families are embraced into a new family.
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Kids can be easy targets on the internet and in person. A few strategies for parents and caregivers
The site provides information for parents about staying safe online and offline
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Child Safety at Church: Policy Development Guide

How to Begin Developing and Updating a Safe Sanctuaries® Policy

Steps For Creating a Policy to Safeguard Children and Youth; produced by United Methodist Church
The webpage includes 10 steps to guide churches in reducing the risk of abuse and protecting children and youth in their congregations.
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Understanding Care of Orphans: Online Interactive Resource

Exploring the Continuum of Care

Overview of Care: Orphans and Vulnerable Children; produced by Faith to Action
The continuum of care interactive graphic depicts an overview of the different types of care to consider when a child is separated from family care. The colorful graphic allows you to explore each topic on the continuum of care through links to short narratives, helpful resources, and inspirational examples.
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Violence Against Children Prevention: Online Resources

INSPIRE: Seven Strategies to End Violence Against Children

Initiated by the World Health Organization (WHO) in collaboration with 8 other global agencies,  INSPIRE builds on the best of THRIVES: Core Strategies to Prevent Violence Against Children from the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and UNICEF’s Ending Violence Against Children: Six Strategies for Action.
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