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Parenting Tips

In all crisis settings – the pandemic, war, or climate change, communities of faith are often the first responders, providing psychosocial first aid and support to families and children.

In response to these crises, Oxford University and many other partners developed evidence-based parenting tips that key off the evidence used for the ‘Parenting for Lifelong Health’ programs above. Links to these resources follow:

  • COVID-19 Parenting Tips – Parenting for Lifelong Health has produced easy-to-distribute parenting tips in over 100 languages. WWO endorses these tips as effective in helping strengthen families and prevent violence against children.

COVID-19 Tips

  • Parenting Tips: A Guide for Church Leaders
    This multi-language leader guide includes sermon suggestions, conversation starters, template text messages, radio announcements, and social media content that can be used to reach families in need.

A Guide for Church Leaders

  • Script outline for phone conversations with parents and children – Viva has designed an 8-week phone mentoring program to support families in building stronger relationships, encourage positive parenting, and reduce the risk of violence against children at home.

    Phone Mentoring Program

  • Parenting Tips for Challenging Times
    Parenting can be tough - and more so in a war, disaster, or other crisis.

Parenting Tips for Challenging Times