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Pathways to Healing – First Steps


According to the United Nations (December 2022), the scale of violence of gang rape, sexual torture, forced nudity, and other forms of abuse although documented by journalists, human rights organizations and law enforcement agencies in the context of the war in Ukraine, as in other wars, is still yet unknown.

Ukrainian officials say Russian forces have been sexually abusing women, children and men since the invasion began, using rape and other sexual offenses as weapons of war. As Ukraine's First Lady said, sexual violence is being used "systematically and openly" and the Office of the Prosecutor general of Ukraine has documented over 100 cases of sexual violence, with the youngest victim being only four years old and the oldest over 80. (Forbes, December 2022). 

The U.N. Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine confirmed that "some Russian Federation soldiers committed sexual and gender-based violence crimes. The Commission had further documented cases in which children had been raped, tortured, unlawfully confined, killed and injured in indiscriminate attacks with explosive weapons. (Forbes, December, 2022).

Multiple strategies are needed to address the trauma and impact that war-linked atrocities have had on the victims of these sexual assault. At this time in Ukraine, there are different responses in place, including the "Sexual Violence Mobile Justice Team" which is working to prosecute alleged perpetrators and deliver justice for victims. Therapists, hospitals and Humanitarian Organizations are offering varied services and strategies to bring Hope and Healing to these victims. 

Healing is a process that starts with awareness of self, impact and presents potential pathways for moving forward. Developing a "FIRST STEP TO A HEALING PATHWAY” is the response recommended by the approach that follows.  Seven pathways were identified as a Holistic approach to healing and impacting BODY, MIND, EMOTIONS, AND SPIRIT. 

  • Pathway 1:  Understanding the Science and Evidence-Based Strategies that Help in Healing
  • Pathway 2:  Changing Lies We Believe
  • Pathway 3:  Hope Groups for Healing from the Impact of Trauma
  • Pathway 4:  Physical Well-Being
  • Pathway 5:  Creative Calm
  • Pathway 6:  Nutritional Health
  • Pathway 7:  Spiritual Rest

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