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Child Protection Flipbook

Touch Talk

Involving children in their own protection
Touch Talk
Touch Talk     

Tehila Zambia has created the TouchTalk Flipbook to enable various segments of society – teachers, social workers, community members, church leaders, child caregivers, to name a few – to broach the topic of child sexual abuse, exploitation and defilement in an engaging and thoughtful way. Because of its portability, it has the added benefit of being useful in more remote and rural locations where children could be vulnerable.

It is important that children hear about sexual abuse from safe adults so the discomfort that they feel inside when it happens to them is confirmed by what they are hearing. Then they can have the courage to speak out and protect themselves and others. This flipbook training encourages children to know that sexual abuse is wrong and if they have experienced / are experiencing sexual abuse then it will hopefully give them the courage to seek help.

Access the Touch Talk PDF
Access the Good Touch, Bad Touch FlipChart for Asia

Touch Talk is based on the Good Touch, Bad Touch Flipchart which has been developed and translated into a number of languages within Asia, including Bengali, Cambodian, Nepali, Sinhala, Tagalog, Thai and Vietnamese.