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World Without Orphans Safeguarding Policy


WWO GLOBAL commits to individual and corporate responsibility for the safeguarding of children. We agree it is never acceptable for a child to experience, emotional, physical, sexual, or social abuse, or neglect of any kind.

We recognize there are two ways abuse is conducted: commission – where the child is the target of abuse and/or neglect; or omission where the child is left without the needed care that would ensure safety and well-being. We believe that all children are deserving of safety, permanency with a family, nurture, and well-being.

Download the full WWO Global Safeguarding Policy

Our core beliefs are:

  • All children have the right to be safe, have a loving, permanent family, and experience well-being through basic needs being met.
  • When these rights are not being met, it becomes the responsibility of civil society to challenge these violations and to further ensure these rights are protected.
  • All children are precious and deserving of every possible opportunity to meet their God-given potential.
  • WWO Global has the responsibility to communicate to all WWO Global partners the responsibility of ensuring the protection and care of children within their programs.
  • WWO Global has the responsibility to ensure all partners have and adhere to Child Safeguarding Policies in order to remain partners with WWO Global.
  • All partners of WWO Global should be well informed as to the definitions of abuse and neglect.
  • WWO Global will respond to allegations of child abuse and/or neglect and request partners to report all such allegations for investigation to a third party in the country where the abuse occurs.
  • WWO Global is committed to working with partners who agree with the WWO Global Safeguarding Policy and have a separate statement and/or policy that supports the WWO Global Safeguarding Policy.
  • WWO Global believes that when an allegation might occur with a partner, they are to “set aside” the partnership in question until a full-in-country third-party investigation has been completed and the allegation has been unsubstantiated.
  • Substantiated allegations would result in a severance of any partnership between WWO Global and the partner in question.
  • The efforts towards restoring the offenders and remedial actions in specific cases are subject to local laws and leaders where the offenses occurred.
Download the full WWO Global Safeguarding Policy