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Media Intervention Path

You indicated that you want to help local orphans and vulnerable children in crisis from your role as a leader in media. That puts you on the Media Intervention Path.

The resources listed here will help prepare you to know best practices for supporting and nurturing children.

  1. Start by going through Why Familes Matter, a six-part Bible study.
  2. Next, read Exploring the Continuum of Care and think about ways to apply what you learn through supporting efforts in your community.
  3. At this point, you are ready to meet with others in your community to pray for direction. Together, explore the resources available in your community that serve orphans and vulnerable children. Identify unmet needs and pray about how to use your skills and resources to meet them.
  4. Review the list of resources below and select those that you think will prepares you to reach out to others.
  5. Use the Living Refreshed page resources to support your personal walk with the Lord as you travel this path.

How Did We Get Here?

A World Without Orphans original animation
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Family Reunification and Adoption in Brazil

In this short piece, WWO highlights the work of Pontes De Amor, a ministry in Brazil working in the best interest of children to see kids in families.
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Alliance for a Romania Without Orphans

Alex Ilie, president of Romania Without Orphans shares his own journey towards adoption and about the movement taking place in Romania on behalf of orphans and vulnerable children.
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Living in an orphanage and longing for family- A Ukrainian adoption story

Tolik grew up in an orphanage, but longed for family. Hear the story of how God answered his prayer.
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How Children Grow

The heart of the father for His children.
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Spiritual Training: Group Study Guide

Why Families Matter

A Study Guide For Churches, produced by Viva
This Toolkit describes from the Bible why children matter and how God created families to nurture and care for children. Christian leaders need to help build strong families where children are loved and cared for, and where children without families are embraced into a new family. Open the Why Families Matter Study Guide Open the Why Families...
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Understanding Care of Orphans: Online Interactive Resource

Exploring the Continuum of Care

Overview of Care: Orphans and Vulnerable Children; produced by Faith to Action
The continuum of care interactive graphic depicts an overview of the different types of care to consider when a child is separated from family care. The colorful graphic allows you to explore each topic on the continuum of care through links to short narratives, helpful resources, and inspirational examples. Visit the Web-based tool to explore...
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Introduction to Trauma Competent Caregiving (4 Hours)

Back2Back Ministries’ Introduction to Trauma Competent Caregiving allows caring adults to gain a foundational understanding of why kids from “hard places” experience the behavioral and emotional challenges they do. This comprehensive overview is great for anyone who wants to become a safe person in the life of a child — including foster and adoptive...
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Arjun's Story

Arjun was born in Nepal but was separated from his birth mother, and suddenly found himself on the streets of India. Watch his powerful story produced by World Without Orphans and Lost Kites which shows Arjun's search for the mother he loved.
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Capacity Building: Training Program

Becoming Trauma Informed

The Impact of Trauma on the Life of a Child by Ruby Johnston
This awareness-building workshop is designed to introduce participants to the topic of psychological trauma for children and how to build trauma competent care givers and service providers. It is a brief introduction into the more detailed Building Trauma Competent Care Providers® training series offered by the Global Capacity Building Network and...
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