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Government Intervention Path

You indicated that you want to help local orphans and vulnerable children in crisis from your role as a leader in govenment. That puts you on the Government Intervention Path.

The resources listed here will help prepare you to know best practices for supporting and nurturing children.

  1. Start by going through Why Familes Matter, a six-part Bible study.
  2. Next, read Exploring the Continuum of Care and think about ways to apply what you learn through supporting efforts in your community.
  3. At this point, you are ready to meet with others in your community to pray for direction. Together, explore the resources available in your community that serve orphans and vulnerable children. Identify unmet needs and pray about how to use your skills and resources to meet them.
  4. Review the list of resources below and select those that you think will prepares you to reach out to others.
  5. Use the Living Refreshed page resources to support your personal walk with the Lord as you travel this path.

INTERVENING to Strengthen Family-Based Care

The focus of this section is on promoting family-based care for those children who have been separated from or are at risk of being separated from their families. WWO Roadmap - Intervention
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Church Leader Guide

How Churches Can Engage To Strengthen Families
As a church leader, you have so many opportunities to impact your community, especially as you guide families to embrace positive parenting. You are ideally placed for significant impact on family and community life. We have prepared this brief guide as an additional tool that can serve as a catalyst and aid for your work with families. As...
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Pathways to Healing – First Steps

According to the United Nations (December 2022), the scale of violence of gang rape, sexual torture, forced nudity, and other forms of abuse although documented by journalists, human rights organizations and law enforcement agencies in the context of the war in Ukraine, as in other wars, is still yet unknown. Ukrainian officials say Russian...
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Care Provider and Advocacy Training Series

Preparing Foster, Adoptive and Kinship Caregivers to Receive Children into Their Homes
The Care Provider and Advocacy training has been introduced in several WWO Regions – with a full implementation in Central Asia, India, and Paraguay. This training aims to help prospective foster, adoptive, and/or kinship parents be better equipped to receive children into their homes. This training series was originally part of the U.S. Institute...
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Full WWO Roadmap and Roadmap Summary

Multiple languages available
Full WWO Roadmap: English -WWO Full Roadmap Spanish -WWO Hoja de Ruta WWO Roadmap Summary (12pages): English -WWO Roadmap Summary Spanish -WWO Hoja De Ruta Resumen Portuguese -WWO Roadmap sumário French -Introduction à la WWO Feuille de Route Ukrainian -Огляд дорожньої карти «Світ без сиріт» Thai -WWO Roadmap Summary Polish...
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Parenting Tips

In all crisis settings – the pandemic, war, or climate change, communities of faith are often the first responders, providing psychosocial first aid and support to families and children. In response to these crises, Oxford University and many other partnersdeveloped evidence-based parenting tips that key off the evidence used for the ‘Parenting...
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Safeguarding Resources

JAMES is a simple story to help children be safe from Child Sexual Abuse. The story explains the difference between a secret and a surprise. Since most predators get children to keep secrets and often back the secret up with a threat if they tell, it is important to help children understand that we do NOT keep secrets. However, there are...
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Trust Exceeds Hope

When the crisis of war, family displacement, natural disaster or other extreme events occur, families are often left without hope or emotional resources to manage the moment in time. This curriculum gives the professional several key talking points to help an individual, group or family begin a healing process. The material lends to different...
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World Without Orphans Safeguarding Policy

WWO GLOBAL commits to individual and corporate responsibility for the safeguarding of children. We agree it is never acceptable for a child to experience, emotional, physical, sexual, or social abuse, or neglect of any kind. We recognize there are two ways abuse is conducted: commission – where the child is the target of abuse and/or neglect;...
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Capacity Building: Training Program

Trauma Informed Awareness Training Curricula - 3 hour course

The Impact of Trauma on the Life of a Child by Ruby Johnston
This awareness-building workshop is designed to introduce participants to the topic of psychological trauma for children and how to build trauma-competent caregivers and service providers. It is a brief introduction to the more detailed Building Trauma Competent Care Providers® training series offered by the Global Capacity Building Network and LAMb...
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Capacity Building: Pastor Training Program

Risk to Resiliency

Working With Families in Crisis for Faith Leaders and Pastors by Ruby Johnston
Program materials for 10, three-hour training modules. The program is designed to equip pastors and faith leaders to engage their congregations and communities in recognizing and supporting families in crisis. Download the full Risk to Resiliency PDF Below are PowerPoint and Handout links to slide sets for each of the 10 sessions: Session...
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Spiritual Training: Group Study Guide

Why Families Matter

A Study Guide For Churches, produced by Viva
This Toolkit describes from the Bible why children matter and how God created families to nurture and care for children. Christian leaders need to help build strong families where children are loved and cared for, and where children without families are embraced into a new family. Open the Why Families Matter Study Guide Open the Why Families...
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Understanding Care of Orphans: Online Interactive Resource

Exploring the Continuum of Care

Overview of Care: Orphans and Vulnerable Children; produced by Faith to Action
The continuum of care interactive graphic depicts an overview of the different types of care to consider when a child is separated from family care. The colorful graphic allows you to explore each topic on the continuum of care through links to short narratives, helpful resources, and inspirational examples. Visit the Web-based tool to explore...
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Arjun's Story

Arjun was born in Nepal but was separated from his birth mother, and suddenly found himself on the streets of India. Watch his powerful story produced by World Without Orphans and Lost Kites which shows Arjun's search for the mother he loved.
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Discipling Teens: Online Application

School of Destiny

Youth Discipleship and Training
Alongsiders International mobilizes and equips young Christians in the developing world to walk alongside those who walk alone in their own communities: orphans and vulnerable children.The App includes 27 discipleship Comic Books that have been adapted and translated into 23 languages, along with video testimonies, and is being used in Asia, Africa,...
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Parenting Training: Workbook

Ready or Not

30-Day Discovery For Families Growing Through Foster Care and Adoption by Pam Parish
Ready or Not is a resource designed to guide potential foster or adoptive parents to prayerfully consider their calling to reflect God’s heart for orphaned and at-risk children. It is designed to be used by parents or as part of a group study. Open the 30-Day Discovery pdf
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Capacity Building: Congregational Training

Opportunities for Service for the Local Church

Mobilizing the Church for Action
Developed by Home for Good, this is a group discussion guide that challenges congregations to prayerfully respond to the needs of vulnerable children in their community. It also provides practical action steps to take. Download Opportunities for Service for the Local Church Document
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Spiritual Training: Sermon Outline

Adopted: Romans 8

Developed by Krish Kandiah, founder and director of Home for Good.
The sermon outline addresses the topic of adoption from the perspective of Christian believers being the adopted family of God. It lays a Biblical foundation for the church caring for the world’s vulnerable children through fostering and adopting. A good resource for preparing to speak to a church congregation or group of believers. Download Sermon Outline: Adopted: Romans 8 Document
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Spiritual Foundations: Sunday School Lesson

Moses Was Adopted

Children’s Sunday School Lesson plan developed by Kay Morgan-Gurr, former director of Children Worldwide
Sunday school lesson about fostering and adoption help build into children the heart of God for orphans and vulnerable children. Download Sample Sunday School Lesson Document
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Nurturing Orphaned and Vulnerable Children: Online Training

Transitioning to Family Care for Children

From Residential Care to Families; produced by Faith to Action
The Online Training is an in-depth, guided learning process that aims to come alongside those who want to build their knowledge and think critically about how to transition their ministries away from residential care to care within families. Register Now on Faith to Action Initiative
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Capacity Building: PowerPoint Presentation

Critical Competencies

Preparing Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship Families in International Settings
This presentation outlines the community infrastructure required to support healthy fostering and adoption. Produced by LAMb International, this can be used by those in government, church or non-profit leadership to lay a foundation for developing a culture for caring for vulnerable children in families. Download PowerPoint materials on critical...
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Parenting Training: Online Document

Pre-Service Competency Chart - PDF

A Branch of LAMb International
Pre-Service Competency Chart - PDF
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Mentoring Boys: Toolkit

Coaching Boys into Men

Teaching Respect, Integrity and Non-violence in Relationships; Sponsored by Futures Without Violence
Coaching Boys Into Men (CBIM) is an evidence-based prevention program that trains and motivates high school coaches to teach their young male athletes healthy relationship skills and that violence never equals strength. The toolkit includes everything needed to successfully deliver the Coaching Boys Into Men Card Series Curriculum. Coaching Boys...
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WWO Results Measures

The WWO Key Results measures align with WWO Objectives. These Key Results are based on the WWO Global Strategy: 2020-2023, which emphasizes a combination of an organization and a network that links the stability of organization structure with the nimbleness and access of networks. Download WWO Results Measures WWO Monitoring and Evaluation...
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